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RED ROOSTER is one of the fastest growing professional tool lines in the United States. We specialize in the manufacture of tools for agriculture, farm & ranch, gardening landscaping, construction and the arborist professions.

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Red Rooster® Automatic Temperature Compensating Brix Refractometer, Professional Model



  • Model number 90681
  • Top quality refractometer with 0-32% brix scale for measuring sugar related liquids- fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, wine, beer, soft drinks, jams, jellies, maple syrup and more
  • Also used to control the concentration of various industrial fluids such as cutting lubricants and flux rinsing compounds.
  • Used in the field to measure "ripeness" of fruit and for verifying product quality after harvest
  • Brix Range: 0-32% 
  • Minimum Deviation: 0.2% 
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.3%
  • Rugged, cast aluminum body to ensure long life
  • Soft nylon carry case
  • 1 year limited warranty